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Find your Conveyancer in an instant. Compare Conveyancing solicitors' quotes online.

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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the term used to describe the process of legally transferring title and ownership of a property from one person to another.

Homebuyers and Property Investors look forward to being legal owners of their new home or property investment.

Who manages the conveyancing process?

Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers are used to manage the conveyancing process. These property professionals follow a process whereby property risks and issues are discussed and managed accordingly, so that when it is time to transact (pass money over to the Seller) once money is paid the ownership simultaneously changes.

The Conveyancing Process

Let us assume that you have found your dream property or investment. The conveyancing process starts when the offer you have made on a property that is for sale has been accepted by the seller

  1. Affordability – Understand what you can afford to buy and find a Mortgage Broker to carry out your mortgage market review (MMR)

  2. Search for properties as you now know what you can afford

  3. View properties and carefully decide if any meet your criteria

  4. Make an offer on the property that you would like to own (subject to survey) and be clear what your offer includes

Conveyancing process about to start

  1. Offer accepted by the Seller

  2. Consider taking out Abortive Transaction Insurance. This insurance protects your costs if you have to pull out through no fault of your own. Read the smallprint and understand what the policy covers.

  3. Appoint a Licensed Conveyancer or Conveyancing Solicitor to act for you. They manage the process of legally transferring title and ownership to you when your money is being passed over to the sellers Solicitors.

  4. Arrange a valuation as requested by the lender (The lender wants to know if the property is worth what you have offered)

  5. Arrange a survey from a RICS Surveyor (The property survey is for you – This tells you what is required to bring the property up to Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors Standards) 

  6. The results from the survey / valuation may lead you to re-think the purchase price or indeed you may decide to pull out and look for another property

  7. Possibly re-negotiate the purchase price – Discuss this with your lender initially as sometimes they can withhold some of the funds until specific works to the property are carried out

  8. If you have taken out abortive insurance, your solicitor or conveyancer will already have started your property transaction. If you haven’t taken out insurance then they will manage your costs and start the searches after the results of your survey and valuation and when you have an approved mortgage offer

  9. Searches relating to the property you are buying are made in order that you can fully understand if there are any potential risks to the property that will affect your legal ownership and / or the re-sale value

  10. Search results are discussed with you

  11. You will discuss an exchange date. Until this date you can still pull out 

  12. Once you exchange you become the legal owner and hence the balance of funds are required 

  13. You need your House Insurance in place for your exchange date

  14. Move to exchange 

  15. A completion date – The exciting part of conveyancing is discussed 

  16. Actual completion date – the Cherry on the cake

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