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Homebuyers under stress - latest Knowledge Bank Tracker results reveal

The residential market showed the most consistency out of all seven categories of broker’s criteria searches recorded by Knowledge Bank in October, with ‘COVID-19: Temporary Maximum LTV Restrictions’ staying in the top five results for the sixth consecutive month. The pandemic has become a consistent topic in the housing market, as people brace to live with Covid-19 long-term.

Brokers kept ‘Maximum Age at End of Term’ in the top spot for the second month in the residential market. This could be indicative of borrowers trying to stretch the term to keep their payments as low as possible in the short term with uncertainty around the current situation. Additionally, in the top five results we see ‘Income Multiple used for Affordability Assessment’ and ‘Self-employed – 1 years accounts’. People are clearly struggling with affordability and, as a result, are reassessing their income multiples as they desperately search for a way to get onto the housing ladder.

This issue is something impacting markets across the board. The top spot in the bridging market was “Maximum LTV”, and in the second charge market, “Maximum LTV / Loan to Value” was similarly in first place. Lenders continuing to tighten criteria is clearly still a significant issue for people with smaller deposits and it shows that LTV restrictions are impacting borrowers and their ability to buy or remortgage.

The struggle in the residential market is juxtaposed with huge confidence in the buy to let (BTL) market. Taking all of this into account, it is interesting to see “First time landlord” in first place. As people progressively worry about affordability in the residential market, homebuyers may be exploring alternative options to get a foot onto the property ladder and, perhaps as a result, there are new landlords coming to the market. Although a larger deposit is typically required with a BTL mortgage, the affordability assessment is based on the potential rental income. There is currently huge demand for rented property as more people struggle to get onto the housing ladder, making it an attractive option to those who are desperately trying to purchase property.

Searches for ‘Property with Annex / Outbuildings / Land / Acreage’ took the top spot in the Equity Release market once again. This trend has undoubtedly been boosted by coronavirus impacting consumer habits, as fears over affordability are driving people to consider buying property with relatives. This point becomes increasingly credible when we look at criteria recorded by Knowledge Bank from the self-build market. A spike in searches for ‘Purchase of Adjoining Property’ exemplified the broader impact this is having on the market, as homebuyers look at purchasing property with relatives or bringing elderly relatives closer to them after being apart in the first lockdown.

Matthew Corker, lender relationship manager at Knowledge Bank, commented: “The bottom line here is that people are desperately looking to get onto the property ladder.

“While there is much news about lenders returning to the market and introducing new products, we are already seeing signs that some products may be pulled in light of the second national lockdown as lender appetite for risk is reduced.

“The unknown impact of a second national lockdown on employment and the wider economy is causing panic in the housing market and this is putting buyers under an increasing amount of stress.”

Criteria Activity Tracker

Top five searches performed by brokers on Knowledge Bank during October 2020







Maximum Age at End of Term

First time landlord

Maximum LTV / Loan to Value

Property with an Annex / Outbuildings / Land / Acreage


Income Multiple used for Affordability Assessment

Lending to Limited Companies

Married Couple Application in One/Single Name

Early Repayment Charges


Self-employed – 1 years accounts

Requirement to be a Homeowner

COVID-19 : Temporary Maximum LTV Restrictions

Grade 2 Listed Buildings


COVID-19 : Temporary Maximum LTV Restrictions

Minimum Income - Interest Only / Part and Part Single Applicant

Debt Management Plan - Ongoing / Current

Spray Foam Insulation Underside of Roof


Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme 

Consumer Buy to Lets

Maximum Age at End of Term

Solar Panels






Maximum LTC - Loan to Cost

Maximum LTV

Semi-Commercial Properties


Maximum LTV / Loan to Value

Minimum Loan Amount

Maximum LTV for Commercial Investment


Capital Raising for Purchase of Land

Regulated Bridging

Minimum Loan Amount


Purchase of Adjoining Property

Commercial Property

Mixed Use Properties / Part Commercial 


Trading History and Years Accounts

Second Charge Loan

Commercial Owner Occupier

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Published: 05 November 2020