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Now could be the ideal time to review your mortgage

Mortgages are becoming more expensive and while those with fixed rates can feel relieved, the simple truth is that as inflation rises and continues to go up, everyone with a mortgage will eventually be affected. A record £328 billion worth of fixed-rate mortgages will come to an end this year, leaving those homeowners facing big rises in their repayments. Those on variable rates will already have seen an increase in their monthly mortgage costs (1).

The Bank of England has just increased its base rate to 1% and, according to no lesser figure than the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the base rate could rise to 2.5 per cent by the end of the year (2).

The impact on mortgage repayments

If you have a tracker mortgage or are on a standard variable rate (SVR), your repayments will reflect the increase in your lender’s base interest rate, which tends to follow any increase in the Bank of England’s base rate. A 0.25% percentage point rise in rates would translate into approximately an additional £26 per month mortgage payment on average for a tracker rate customer and £16 for the typical borrower on SVR, depending on the amount borrowed (3).

The immediate good news is that if your mortgage is on a fixed rate, your monthly repayments will be unaffected for as long as your fixed term lasts, however once the fixed rate comes to an end, going back onto your lender’s variable rate may provide considerable payment shock if the Chancellor’s prediction is realised.

Act now to avoid an unwelcome surprise

Because of the uncertainties in the financial markets and the wider international economy, further rate increases cannot be ruled out and whatever your mortgage type, we strongly recommend you look at the terms of your mortgage and contact your mortgage adviser before taking any further action.

It is likely that you will be contacted by your current lender offering advice, or other intermediaries too. As your trusted advisers, we would recommend speaking to us first, we will assess your current circumstances and search across the whole of the market for the most suitable deals that are most applicable to your individual mortgage and protection needs.

Article supplied by SJ Financial Solutions - Stuart Mosley

Stuart Mosley (CeFA, CeMap, CLTM) founded SJ Financial Solutions in June 2005 having spent 12 years with big corporates such as Halifax and Santander. He felt the personal touch and straight speaking was missing from mortgage and protection services and set up SJ Financial Solutions to change this.

If you would like to get in touch with SJ Financial Solutions please see contact details here.

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Published: 01 June 2022